:: Lawn Mower

We offer you kinds of lawn mower models depend on different cutting width(20cm, 25cm, 32cm and 38cm), as the 20cm lawn mower is ideal for house with small yard. 32cm and 38cm models are suit for you to maintain the larger lawn area.

我們提供了不同割草寬度(20cm, 25cm, 32cm 與38cm)的手推式割草機滿足您的草地維護需求。在整體規格與樣式上,可概略分為日式款式與歐美款式。我們也可以搭配客戶不同的樣式需求進行開發以及調整,提供一個具整體性的割草機產品方案。

::: 38/32 cm Lawn mower