Aluminum Shovel for Snow Season‏‏



The benefits to have aluminum shovel serials:
 1. light-weight design (aluminum blade)
2.  Offer kinds of  length,  blade size, handle type and body material. 
        Handle type : PP or hardwood handle are both supported.  
         Body material :  hardwood  or  fiber glass are both supported.
3.  The  Stainless Steel  Tooth design is  very useful  and  powerful  ideal to improve  your digging  efficiency. [optional]
Model total length blade blade max width blade thickness handle body weight
ALU-S-T 1100mm aluminum 381mm 2.0mm hardwood +iron hardwood 1.8kg
ALU-S-5 1025mm aluminum 340mm 2.0mm hardwood +iron hardwood 1.45kg
ALU-S-3 1080mm aluminum 295mm 1.8mm hardwood +iron hardwood 1.35kg
ALU-S-3CF 1080mm aluminum 295mm 1.8mm pp fiber glass 1.25kg
ALU-S-2S 830mm aluminum 251mm 1.8mm pp hardwood 1.1kg