:: DAYEH Story

DAYEH Garden Tools – more than 40 + years manufacture experience.
DAYEH Garden Tools is a leading of gardening tools ODM/OEM with 4 decades manufacture experience. We are focusing on R&D, manufacturing and to offer hundreds kind of gardening tools. Especially, whole of manufacture flows could be processed in our factories, such as pattern making, casting, punching, hammers, electric welding, lapping, polishing, heat treatment, baking vanish, assembling and the wood processing.

 DAYEH's products could be sorted into kind of categories: 

soilapplication lawncare plantapplication airapplication

The Manufacturing Power – Taiwan and China
DAYEH headquarter located in Changhua County, Taiwan. 25 years ago, our founder Mr.Yeh decided to invest stronger manufacturing capability and then we started to deploy factories over the China(Guangzhou, Shandong and Liaoning Province), by that way we can leverage resoruces easier and help our customer to win more advantages. Now, we are few of ODM/OEM who can offer various high quality gardening tools in Taiwan.

The Benfits to with us:
- Factories located Taiwan/China
- Offer hundreds of gardening Tools
- Well experience to direct support Home Center/DIY market
- High Quality, High R&D Capability
- Cost-Advantage, you can have direct Business with factory

Quality is Everything
Quality is core spirit of DAYEH. Since 2010, we built new QMP(Quality Management Process) on every product lines. By follow DAYEH's QMP, it helps us to adress problems quickly and delivery best total solution to our customers. The most important is we are very concern user experience, even the field data. We ensure our customer always with best service.


Our Mission : Green Your Life.
DAYEH established with enthusiastic team and dedicative employees. The mission of DAYEH is to bringing best gardening solutions to green people's life. Now, we are looking forward to having any business partner who interest in our products. Welcome to let us know what we can service you.